Cheesed to meet you! I'm Ethan or Gold! I'm cool with either name! I'm an OSDD-1a system in which the host is a fictive of Gold from Pokemon Special :3c I am mixed race (Korean + White) and have many mental health issues, and I'm neurodivergent as fuck. Pretty sexy of me LMAO


Pokemon, Typology, Classpects, Viva Pinata, Homestuck, Vast Error, Fire Punch, Chainsaw Man, Suda-51 Games, Furry Shit (is that an interest????)

My main twitter is aut1smswag, but feel free to follow my private (non-mutuals are free to request I don't really care):



Drawing, Music (I play Piano and a little bit of Guitar), and coding (still a beginner LMAO)

Typology Shit:

E/TP, 7w8, 783 (8w7, 3w4), Sx/Sp, SCUEI, LVEF, Chaotic Evil, Sanguine-Choleric


I have more he's just my main atm!